095000-5602 Supports The Mainstream of The World – Peace

Peace Is The Mainstream Of The World

on September 21, 2022, during the United Nations General Assembly, China National Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles had a discussion about the current state of the world order. Both Wang Yi and Josep Borrell Fontelles agreed that Peace is the mainstream of the world.


Wang Yi and Josep Borrell Fontelles also exchanged views on human rights issues, they emphasized  that communication and dialogue should be maintained and human rights issues should not be politicized.


Peace should not only be a topic of discussion among national leaders, it should be rooted in the hearts of everyone in the world, then the earth will be the safest home for human beings. To support the act of making peace, 095000-5600.com has a promotion of 095000-5602 injector during UN General Assembly.


095000-5602 Injector Information


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Type G2 series injector
Part Number 095000-5602
 Applicable For diesel injectors:


For Car Model L200/TRITON
095000-5602 Size 24cm*12 cm *6 cm
095000-5602 Net Weight 0.8kg



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